At the Gadish Group, we have benefited from the HCP Method for a number of projects, including the construction of a bridge, a highway and a segment of railway line. In addition to the well-known critical path, every project contains other paths which are not identified as critical paths, yet which always manage to surprise us. In our experience, the HCP Method uncovers these 'hidden critical paths' and helps even the most professional project managers improve their performance and reduce project risk. Furthermore, the HCP analysis reports have proved themselves to be an effective control tool for senior managers who are not involved in the project day to day. The reports present a high-level, global perspective on the status of current projects and highlight key problem areas in need of management attention.

Eitan Shafron
Chief Engineer
Gadish Group Engineering & Management

I was first introduced to the HCP Method in 2005 as a project manager during construction of the complex Bridge of Strings, designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. A veteran manager of large projects, I find that the HCP Method makes a unique and substantial contribution to my ability to manage and control large and complex projects. The early identification of near-critical paths allows for the preparation of less risky project schedules and improves my ability to focus on the most critical areas of the project. The HCP reports present an accurate and up-to-date picture of a project's status for decision makers on all levels of project management. I highly recommend using the HCP Method.

Baruch Gover
Project Manager
Gadish Group Engineering & Management

My team of ten project managers and senior engineers used HCP's services for the purposes of schedule analysis and risk management during the construction of a new highway (which included 14 bridges and two tunnels), and the widening of an existing highway. The HCP analysis reports identified previously unrecognized hidden critical paths, allowing us to better prepare ourselves for the most complex and risky portions of our schedule. I feel comfortable giving some of the credit to HCP for the fact that we finished the project eight months ahead of schedule. I highly recommend the HCP Method for all levels of managers.

Adi Sahar
CEO and Chief Engineer
Derech Eretz Construction Joint Venture

I utilized the services of HCP during a number of large infrastructure and construction projects, including a light rail bridge, a highway segment (which included two tunnels) and a sports stadium. The HCP reports highlighted tasks requiring special attention and provided early identification of problem areas in the schedules. By encouraging the project managers to focus on these particular areas, HCP allowed us to prevent delays in completing the construction projects.

Reuven Ron
Chief Engineer
Moriah Development Company

While I was head of engineering at Africa Israel Properties, HCP assisted me with a number of construction projects, including an office tower, a shopping mall and a prison facility. HCP's unique analysis enabled me to predict the likelihood that a particular schedule would be conclude successfully, by finding weak points in project schedules and by identifying opportunities to shorten a project. I would not consider implementing a project schedule without the benefits of an HCP analysis.

Gadi Dovrat
Head of Engineering Department
Africa Israel Properties

We are a global engineering consultancy for the semiconductor industry, and we employed HCP's schedule analysis services during the construction of a 10,000 sq. ft. clean room for a new product line, including the installation and qualification of capital equipment. The HCP analysis exposed important findings which could not have been determined by any other form of analysis. For example, the analysis revealed a number of critical paths of which we were unaware, as well as opportunities for bringing forward the end date of the project. We credit HCP's insights for helping us complete the project three weeks ahead of schedule and $700,000 under budget.

Ariel Meyuhas
Chief Operations Officer
MAX International Engineering Group

In my work as a project scheduling consultant and as an expert witness in schedule-related lawsuits, I have found the HCP Method to be a powerful and innovative tool. The method reveals structural problems in the project schedule, problems that were previously difficult if not impossible to find. The method succeeds at analyzing both simple and highly complex schedules. I strongly recommend to anyone working with project schedules to obtain an HCP analysis of every schedule.

Toni Lupu
PBM Planning & Building Methods (2006), Ltd.