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Project Management Application that will save you a great deal of time and money

Meet the author:

Tal Levanon – Founder and partner in “Tal Levanon – HCP Ltd”, an expert project scheduling consultant and creator of the Hidden Critical Paths (HCP).

Project Management App that has 5 Features that No Other App Has


  • You have a task: project management
  • You built a Gantt in MS Project, or a professional built one for you
  • You have a Gantt chart that contains at least several dozen activities (and possibly even hundreds or thousands of activities)

The application that will save you a lot of time will be HCP-Go. With the click of a button, the HCP-Go SaaS will analyze the schedule and tell you specifically:

#1: Whether or not there are faults in the Gantt

a fault in the Gantt chart is simply a scheduling mistake. It can be an activity with no successor activity, or an activity that is defined to take place prior to successor activities; a mistake can also be a calendar configuration error.

#2: What is a Gantt chart fault and why is it a mistake?

A Gantt chart mistake is something that can exist in a schedule file but not in reality. It can be a typo, an honest mistake that can be repaired easily; however, in most cases, the mistake has a more rooted reason – if you locate it early on – it can save you a great deal of time and put out any fires before they become a catastrophe!

You received a schedule (Gantt chart)
with hundreds of activities.
Do you want to know what happens inside,
and if there are problems, where are they?

If you answered 'YES' - then we have a solution for you!

#3: Exact location of faults

The project management application, HCP-Go, specifies each and every problematic activity. It is not a general or casual definition but rather a precise actionable list that allows to repair every detail.

#4: What is the project structure?

When a project is mapped by its paths – an overview is generated: for each HCP slack – how many paths were found with this slack? When project management sees the overview, they can easily know: if it has a bell-curve shape (or Gauss, or a normal curve) – then it possible (but not easy) to perform the project! If it looks like a human’s EKG – then it’s not good!

#5: What is the likelihood of my project ending in success in terms of contents, time and money?

When paths are mapped in the project grid, the HCP-Go app calculates the likelihood of successful project completion based on the HCP Score and other parameters. This gives you the option of paying attention to weak links in the project – whether the difficulty lies in the timetable or contents? And maybe an excess budget must be reserved or additional resources obtained?

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