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HCP – Hidden Critical Paths method has been implemented in more than 200 major infrastructure and construction projects, including main roads, interchanges, bridges, tunnels, railways, factories, sports stadiums and residential towers, office towers, hotels and security and technological projects.

How to run HCP-Go and analyze your MS Project schedule?
Do it yourself guide. See this video:

What does it mean HCP (Hidden Critical Paths) method? Bonus: there is an interesting case study…

This talk is a about: How the HCP reflected the status of the project throughout the project’s life and what can be learned from it?
The project: Light Rail, Hadassah Ein Kerem, Infra 1

A well-known saying is that time is money. Is it true?
Tal Levanon, the developer of the HCP method and the HCP-Go SaaS for analyzing project schedules, examines this question and its implications in building a project schedule.

When you have a project, in every project schedule there is hidden critical information you need to know, but can’t see.
The HCP-Go SaaS to MS Project does exactly that.
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Steve got a project and a schedule for this project. He deals with some issues, so he calls Amanda for help. 
Want to learn how Amanda helped him with his problems in his project? Come check the next video:

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