HCP – Hidden Critical Paths

The Hidden Critical Paths (HCP) method (patented) has been implemented in over 200 large-scale infrastructure and construction projects, including highways, interchanges, bridges, tunnels, railroad tracks, plants, sports stadiums and residential towers, office towers, hotels, security and technological projects.
The method has been developed by Tal Levanon since the early 2000s. This mathematics-based method reveals critical information that is hidden in the project schedules (Gantt). The information is valuable for improving the planning, estimate, schedule management and performance monitoring of every project.

Tal explains:

I’m an Industrial & Management engineer and not at all a pioneering coder; but I have been “speaking” this constantly changing language since I was 16, starting from the old Basic and Fortran to VBA, C, C++ and some other bizarre languages I picked up along the way and can’t even remember them or their names.
I began developing HCP as Excel macros, but running them took dozens of hours and I decided that another solution must be found. Like anything else in life, when you’re searching for the right mentors, they reveal themselves, and I will always fondly remember these mentors:
Ilan DembinskiKnowledge – who helped me build the basis for the HCP software.
Yoel R – who designed the report structure with me to ensure its readability and clarity.
Yosi Karl – who developed the web interface.
Nir Levanon and Itai NavePetit Technologies – who developed the HCP-Go SaaS.

In 2002, I established a business that provided clients with consulting services related to writing, monitoring and analyzing schedule optimization in largescale projects.

In 2009, a service to receive a detailed analysis report of the project schedule was added. The service is meant for project managers, schedule experts, contractors, property owners and construction jurists worldwide – allowing them to send the schedules to our office and receive a professional HCP report within a few days.

In 2017, a web application was developed for self-use by clients through three simple steps. The application automatically and rapidly generated an HCP analysis report (within seconds to minutes). 

In 2020, the HCP-Go, a Project SaaS, was developed – allowing anyone, including projects managers who built their own schedule or received one from a schedule consultant; consultants who built schedules for executives or received one for testing; attorneys who love the practice, take a schedule and examine it during proceedings; and entrepreneurs who received a schedule from the project managers and want to know what it means, to use the application through Project for their schedule and receive a detailed schedule report within a short while (seconds to minutes), including troubleshooting and project status overview. For additional information, click the link.

Tal Levanon


Expert project schedule consultant, creator of the Hidden Critical Paths (HCP) method for analyzing and improving project schedules.
As the founder & partner of ‘Tal Levanon – HCP Ltd.’, Tal has implemented the methodology to estimate and improve over 200 largescale infrastructure and construction projects, including highways, interchanges, bridges, tunnels, railroad tracks, plants, sports stadiums and residential towers, office towers and hotels. Tal holds an M.Sc. from the Tel Aviv University and a PMI-SP (PMI Scheduling Professional) certificate. She lectures in conferences and has taught project management for three years in the Faculty of Engineering at the Tel Aviv University, and has been invited to give lectures in the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Ben-Gurion University.

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