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Analyze Fast and Reduce Your Work Time

HCP-Go rapidly analyzes the project for you, condenses manual work processes and helps you control your project status in a flash.

Obtain a “Standard Mark” for Schedule Integrity

HCP-Go displays all faults and malfunctions in the schedule. Items to be handled are detailed by tasks ID numbers. Everything is in order? You’ll get a ✔️

Discover Unique Schedule-related Information

The HCP analysis identifies the project’s hidden critical paths and uses them to foresee future problems and locate options to fast-track the project!

Executive Summary – How Successful is Your Project?

By mapping the paths and performing analytical analysis, the HCP allows you to instantly understand what is the likelihood of completing the project on Time, on Spec and on Budget.
Now it’s easier for you to draw operational conclusions – what needs to be done next!

Schedule Integrity Analysis Report

The HCP analysis generates a report that contains all schedule faults, including the precise specification of each finding, allowing for easy troubleshooting and repairs.

Project Structure Overview

The paths histogram (which shows per each path’s duration slack – how many paths are found) explains, in simple words:
The beginning of a bell-curve? – Excellent!
‘Sawtooth wave’? – Not good at all!
And others…

Running Independent Analysis:

With HCP-Go, you can independently analyze your schedule in seconds and get a clear overview of your project, without being dependent on external entities.

Improvements to Your Gantt:

With the HCP-Go in hand, you can rapidly detect manual schedule faults and options of pushing forward the project timeframe with smart algorithms that do the work for you.

Top-Tier Management:

Taking proactive actions can be an easy task when it’s possible to detect problems before they manifest and make smart data-based decisions.

Many years ago, I sat with some friends and we wrote down their project schedule. Each member of the group came from a different field and we devised a large Gantt together.
Once we finished, I check the critical path – and some of the professional fields in it.
I decided to check some activities that spurred some hesitation:
What happens if these activities are late by some time – a day, two days, even a week. On the other hand, we talked about possibly pushing forward some activities… So I gave it a shot.
I was amazed to see that every little change caused a complete revamp to the critical path. Non-critical fields became critical and vice versa!
It shocked me – for these were just some small changes I’m contemplating – what about all the changes I didn’t think of?
And who are the tasks that I have complete faith in them – and can turn to be a major problem? And how can such project be controlled – when we feel as if we will be managing it in the dark? And… what solution exists for all of this?
I discovered that there was no solution – and I created one.
I began developing the HCP method during my graduate studies in Industrial Engineering and continued working on the development after completing my education.

As of today, the advantages of the HCP method are schedule troubleshooting,
schedule structure troubleshooting (in other words: ‘how the Gantt sees the project’)
and locating possibilities to push the schedule forward,
and they are already expressed in over 200 largescale construction and infrastructure projects.
I am sure you are used to searching for the critical path in the Project software, but you should be aware of the major difference between HCP and CPM. The amazing thing is that both methods do not eliminate one another but rather complete one another!

If your project is an iceberg and you are navigating your course around it, HCP-Go will make you feel as if you are no longer navigating in the dark.

Are you looking for examples of critical path analysis? Click below to watch the HCP-Go Deep project schedule report: Examples of critical path analysis

Good luck with your project!
 – Tal Levanon.

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HCP – the method
Locating critical and hidden critical paths.
Different method than CPM – common in all software (incl. Primavera, Project, etc.)
HCP and CPM methods

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