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Yes! You can download HCP-Go free for a month.

HCP-Go in the Pro license costs 99 USD per month (not including VAT).

The payment is per year. You can pay in 12 payments and you can pay in a single annual payment and get a discount.

Choose the Premium license for 3 hours of personal master training to analyze your projects.

Anyone who has a schedule in MS Project.

Choose any of the licenses, register and write the email – and receive the installation file. A few clicks – and that’s it!

Automatically in your MS-Project.

Purchase MS-Project. We don’t sell MS-Project, but you are walcome to talk to us. You can reach us at Contact Us.

Yes. In one payment or in 12 payments, through PayPal.

Yes. You just need to talk to us – or on WhatsApp.

The hidden critical paths method (registered patent) was developed by Tal Levanon in the early 2000s. In this method, a network of activities is mapped and analyzed according to its paths, not according to tasks.

The duration of the path is defined for each path: the duration of the path will be the total number of working days required for that path. The critical path according to HCP is the longest path in the network.

A hidden critical path is a sequence of activities in the schedule that is slightly shorter in duration than the longest path in the project. Defining the path duration interval (DS – Duration Slack, or HCP interval) of a hidden critical path is the difference between the length of the critical path (longest) and the duration of this path. To avoid risks in the project schedule, these paths must meet their planned target dates, budget and content.

The information we have is only information about the details of the run: who ran it, how long the run lasted, and other system details.

The run files are deleted a week after the run, and recovery is not possible. Therefore, it is very useful to keep the HCP-Go report with you after the run.

For any size. There is no limit.

For everyone involved in the project. To the project managers, to the project participants, who are the contractors, the project managers, the project promoter and schedule consultants.

Let HCP-Go work for you!

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