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HCP app | “Mystery of Lost Time” – or – How to Create the 25th Hour / 13th Month?

5 Tips on Working with MS Project

MS-Project. At first glance, it looks like Excel. Some of the icons are identical to ones in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint so it should be familiar. Well, not exactly. The

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HCP app | Appendix: Buffers definitions in USA - Schedule management

Appendix: Buffers definitions in USA

This post has been written by three schedule experts (alphabetically):  Levanon, Tal – CTO and co-owner of Tal Levanon – HCP Ltd., Lupu, Toni – Founder-Owner, PBM,; Morag,

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A different method for project schedule management: Together, not separately

Schedule Milestones

“Milestone” or “Milestones” are words you’ll frequently hear in projects. Let’s take a close look at this matter: • What is a ‘milestone’ in projects?• How are milestones represented in

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Building a work plan for project

Building a work plan for project

We have got a project! To successfully complete our project with all the required content, within the set budget and timeframe, we need to do a lot of things right.

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Case Studies:

Jerusalem Chords Bridge, Tal Levanon - Mega Project, Joint Venture

Jerusalem Chords Bridge

One of our very first projects was the Chords Bridge in Jerusalem. I met with Baruch Gover, the project manager, in his room. He looked at me with a smile,

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